Act FAST when it comes to a stroke

Throughout the UK, there are 1.3 million stroke survivors, which not only has a huge impact on their lives but also on their families.

Thanks to the big push through media campaigns, most people will be aware of how to spot the warning signs of a stroke, through the acronym FAST.

As outlined by the NHS, this helps to recognise the main symptoms which are:

  • Face – if the face drops on one side, this could be the warning sign of a stroke
  • Arms – weakness or numbness in the arms may mean that they are unable to lift both arms
  • Speech – speech may be slurred or the individual may not be able to talk
  • Time – if you see any of these signs, call 999 immediately

How can you aid recovery?

The effects of a stroke can be devastating so it is vital to act as quickly as possible if you are faced with any of these symptoms.

The main course of action is through medication to target blood clots, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

However, a stroke often also has a damaging impact on the brain, meaning that rehabilitation is vital.

Each individual that experiences a stroke will be affected differently, so there is no single approach to take to support recovery.

For this reason, we tailor our services to the individual at Synergy Complex Care to ensure that the person receives the best care possible.

We not only focus on physical recovery but also emotional recovery following a stroke. By encouraging social activities and maintaining family commitments, we aim to give each patient the well-rounded support that they need.

Do you need care support for yourself or a loved one? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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