Care home staff could be obliged to have the Covid vaccine

New Government consultation could ensure England-based care home staff have to have the coronavirus vaccine, to protect the residents.

The vaccine requirement could be introduced this summer if the health ministers approve the proposal, which they are seeking reviews on now.

To keep the care home residents safe, securing this mandatory vaccine is “something many care homes have called for”, says Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

“Older people living in care homes are most at risk of suffering serious consequences of Covid-19”.

Already, figures show that 78.9 per cent of older adult care home employees have had their vaccine.

On average 94 per cent of adults aged 50 and over in England have been vaccinated.

However, nearly 50 per cent of all care homes with older adult residents, which houses 150,000 vulnerable people, do not meet the recommended vaccination thresholds, says the Department of Health and Social Care.

According to the Government’s scientific advisers, around 80 per cent of all care home employees and 90 per cent of all care home residents need vaccinating to secure a minimum level of protection against coronavirus outbreaks.

At this moment, the staff vaccination rate is below 80 per cent in 89 local authority areas (out of 150). Fewer than 70 per cent of staff have the vaccination in 27 local authority areas.

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