Supporting someone with ventilation needs

Navigating life with mechanical ventilation can be complex. If you are taking of a loved one, having specialist support is crucial.

While this challenge may seem hard to overcome, it’s important to not only ensure their medical need are taken care of, but to also ensure they have a good quality of life.

What is ventilation and airway management?

A ventilator is a machine which helps with breathing, a tube is placed into the mouth, nose or through a small cut in the throat.

There are a range of conditions which may result in the need for a ventilator.

Any conditions which have led to respiratory failure such as asthma, cardiac arrest, pneumonia or sepsis.

Specialist care

Specialist training in airway management—including cough assist, suctioning, tracheostomy, and life support—is critical.

Our healthcare professionals undergo rigorous training to ensure they’re ready to provide comprehensive care when patients are discharged home.

Technological advancements have been transformative, allowing ventilated individuals safer access to the community, enhancing their quality of life.

We’ve successfully supported ventilated patients transitioning from hospitals such as Bristol Royal Infirmary, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals, and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, to home care.

Our mission is to continue improving and providing the best care possible for individuals who rely on our services, thereby transforming mechanical ventilation from a life-sustaining mechanism to a tool that enables a fulfilling life.

If you need help supporting a loved one who has ventilation or airway management needs, we’re here for you – get in touch.

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