How can we play our part to help the UK care crisis?

Social care issues and workforce shortages in the UK have significant implications for the quality of care that you receive.

Hospital discharge delays are a serious problem as you may require ongoing care or support, but often there are no suitable care facilities available to meet your needs.

This results in extended stays in hospitals, reducing the availability of beds and negatively affecting your physical and mental health due to the added stress of not being able to get the help you need.

You may be faced with difficulties such as poor-quality care, long wait times and increased worry.

We can help you get the support you need

We can ensure that you’ll have access to appropriate care and support when you leave hospital. You’ll be provided with trained carers tailored to your condition and you won’t need to feel worried.

We also provide opportunities for those wishing to become carers. Our staff are highly trained and gain a wide skillset which will help to ensure the long-term sustainability of the healthcare system.

Health care issues and workforce shortages in the UK require urgent attention. We can help to reduce pressure on the NHS and ensure that you’ll be able to have access to support whenever you need it.

At Synergy Complex Care, we provide personalised care plans for your individual needs. If you need support, contact us today.

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