Accessibility for all: Million-pound funding announced to improve transport for disabled people

A funding package of £2.5 million has been announced to improve the accessibility of transport for disabled people.

Travelling with mobility issues can be stressful, especially if public transport options do not have suitable accessibility measures.

However, ensuring that people can travel with confidence is fundamental for improving their quality of life.

Therefore, the Government’s announcement (on 29 March) of this funding package comes as good news for those with accessibility requirements.

Of the £2.5 million funding package, £1.5 million is set to be dedicated to helping those with disabilities in England to travel more confidently.

The funding will be allocated across England’s 13 Mobility Centres to initiate a ‘Hubs Mobility Service’, which will offer support and advice for individuals that are unable to drive, including advising on alternate modes of transport (such as powered wheelchairs and community transport).

According to the Government, over the past two years, the ‘Hubs Mobility Service’ has been piloted across 7 of the centres, from which over 4,000 people have benefited from improvements to their confidence when travelling.

The remaining £1 million of funding is to improve the accessibility of lifeline ferry and seaport services, across the Isle of Wight and Isles of Scilly, for individuals with mobility issues.

Additionally, the Government has also published a report on whether wheelchair specifications in 2021 met the needs of their users, including whether public transport designs should be changed in the future to meet accessibility requirements.

Read the full report here.

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